DAAD Award for outstanding international students

Awardee 2015: Madhurima Varughese

The DAAD award 2015 was awarded to Madhurima Varughese from India. Ms Varughese is a student of Computer and Information Science, a master programme taught in English at the Department of Computer Science.

Shortly after the start into her studies, she took over a tutorial and earned a lot of appreciation by the bachelor students due to her enthusiasm and teaching skills. Moreover, on her own initiative, she takes responsibility for her fellow international students who find it hard to study and live in Konstanz. Those who are looking for support with their studies will find an open door with her, independent how busy she is.  

Notwithstanding, Ms Varughese is also one of the degree-seeking students who are having a hard  job: Along with high academic challenges, she had to deal with finding opportunities to finance her studies with scholarships and student jobs. It is not rare that these circumstances lead to academic decline, and  the more impressing it was  how Ms Varughese even improved on her academic achievements. In order to achieve her goals, she is able to raise  an enormous learning discipline, and with her motivation and her diligent approach, she takes  a lot of her fellow students along with her.

Outside the campus,  she combines student jobs with social commitment, e.g. supporting an elderly woman in her neighbourhood.

The DAAD award 2015 was granted during the new year's  reception of the alumni association of the University of Konstanz (VEUK) on 29 January 2016 by  Rector Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger and the Head of the International Office, Dr. Nani Clow. The prize is endowed with 1,000€ financed by the the German Federal Foreign Office.