students discussing a lecture
students discussing a lecture

DAAD and VEUK awards

Awards for outstanding international students

DAAD Award:

Study successfully while broadening your horizons: The University of Konstanz honours one international student per year for his or her academic achievements and civic as well as intercultural engagement. The prize is awarded along with 1,000 euros by the German Federal Foreign Office and is provided especially to those who finance their own studies.

DAAD-Award for excellent achievements of international students

DAAD awardee 2018: Ziad Salem, Syria

- Master Computer and Information Science

- tutoring new master students

- voluntary work at an integration centre in Germany

DAAD award winner 2017: Kaja Gregorz, Slovenia

- Master Multilingualism
- voluntary volleyball trainer
- supporting the project "Multilingualism in schools and Kitas"

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DAAD award 2016: Anna Kenter, Usbekistan

- Doctoral Studies Psychology | Master Psychology | Master Speech and Language Processing
- voluntary work in blood and stem cell donation; support of an organ in a church community

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DAAD awardee 2015: Madhurima Varughese, India

- Master of Computer and Information Science

- voluntary mentor for new international master students

- neighbourhood services

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DAAD awardee 2014: Erik Adrien Lamb, USA

- Double Degree Master of Politics and Public Administration with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, focus area International Administration and Conflict Management

- voluntray private lessons for socially disadvantaged children, student club "Tintenklecks"

- voluntary mentor for new international master students

VEUK awards:

VEUK stands for “alumni association of the University of Konstanz”. The VEUK also honours the accomplishments of international students and awards three 200 euro prizes every year. Thanks to these additional prizes, exchange students and international graduates from German schools can also be honoured.

The University of Konstanz committee for study abroad scholarships selects awardees for both prizes on faculty nominations. 


VEUK awards:

Catalina Ibanez Gutierrez, LLM and PhD studies in law, Columbia (left below)
Nijie Wang, LLM and PhD studies in law, China (right below)
Nikola Radojicic, Master Politics and Public Administration, Serbia (right above)
with DAAD awardee Ziad Salem, Master Computer and Information Science (above left)


VEUK Awards (from the left):
Qixuan Yang, MSc Social and Economic Data Analysis, China
Diana Tokurova, MSc Psychology, Usbekistan
Codrin Timu, PhD Law, Romania



VEUK awards (from left):
Elena Shram, MA Psychology, Russia
Zoran Kovacevic, BA Psychology, Serbia
Inara Makhkamova, BA Psychology, Usbekistan



VEUK awards:

Wolfgang Tessadri, BA Linguistics, Italy

Aikaterini Lida Kalouli, MA Speech and Language Processing, Greece

Fabien Dushimirimana, MA Psychology, Ruanda



VEUK Awards:

Vasiliki Erotokritou, Doctoral Studies Linguistics, Cyprus (1st left)

Ekaterina Kazak, Master Economics, Russia (2nd left)

Polina Gryganska, Law, Ukraine (1st right)