Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Faculty Mobility Programm

Research stays at 14 reputable universities in Canada.

The Ontario Baden-Württemberg Faculty Mobility Programme is a grant that funds research stays by researchers from universities in Baden-Württemberg at partner universities in the province of Ontario, Canada.

The grant funds cooperation on a research project of the researcher’s own choosing with a research host at a partner university in Ontario. The host institute provides the opportunity to perform research as well as a contact person for the research project. Grants are awarded to experienced researchers who possess a clear, independent research profile. These researchers usually have at least 2-3 years of research experience working as a professor, junior professor, head of a junior research group or postdoctoral fellow. Several years of independent research also fulfil the requirement. In either case, the research experience must have been gained in the intended field of research for the grant. Researchers from any field of study are welcome to apply.

The grant is intended to cover the travel expenses and cost of living abroad. Recipients may also teach to a limited extent during their stay abroad. The main focus of the stay, however, should be placed on preparing for and completing a research project.

These grants are awarded for a period of one to four months. The grant amount is € 1,200 per month in addition to a one-time travel allowance of € 1,200.

The application deadline for stays in 2020 is 15 October 2019.