Key Actions 2 and 3 support internationalization of European institutions of higher education in the frame of strategic partnerships, knowledge alliances as well as broader networks and joint projects for capacity building for partner countries woldwide  and policy support.

Those projects often go beyond mobility collabroation between higher education institutions, and have a wider impact but are also more similar to research collabroation.

Since 2015, International Office and Research Support jointly support members of the University of Konstanz in the application process and administration of successfull projects.

To foster  the engagement of higher education institutions within BadenWürttemberg, the Ministry supports financially the application process, e.g. travel costs, student assistants. Calls are usually published in late summer/fall via the U Konstanz "Forschungsnachrichten".

Currently, the University of Konstanz is engagened in the following Erasmus+ KA2 and KA3 projects 

KA2 und KA3 projects at the University of Konstanz (in German only)

WECE –We all Count Europe (KA3 Forward Looking Projekt)

Koordinator: Prof. Susumo Shikano (FB Politik)

Laufzeit des Projektes 2015-2017

ENAI - European Network for Academic Integrity (KA2 – Strategische Partnerschaft)

Koordinator: Mendel University Brno, CZ

Ansprechpartner an der U

Konstanz: Ansgar Schäfer, KIM

Laufzeit: 2016-2019

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ITE-VET (Wirtschaftspädagogik Ukraine) (KA2 – Kapazitätsaufbau)

ITE-VET Improving teacher education for applied

learning in the field of vocational education 

(WiPäd/ Lehrerbildung)

Koordinator: Prof. Dr. Thomas

Deißinger, Vera Braun, FB Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Laufzeit des Projektes 2016-2019

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