Apply for the “Study Abroad Global” exchange programme

If you are looking for information about applying for an exchange placement through the Study Abroad Global or the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programmes, then continue reading! The application periods vary by programme and by the geographic location of your planned host university.

Application deadlines

Please observe the Information for your application!

1) Your application form needs to be submitted online first. Please log in via the link below using your Konstanz email address and then fill out the electronic form.

2) Print the form and please remember to sign your application at the required locations.

3) Submit four copies of your application form and the requested application documents to the SSZ (Student Service Centre), either in person, via university in-house mail or via standard mail. We cannot accept incomplete applications or applications sent via email.

Online application portal for the “Study Abroad Global” exchange programme (secure website, you will need to login)

The selection process

We work with the Committee for International Scholarships/Grants to select “Study Abroad Global” participants on the basis of their application documents and, usually, an interview. The committee is comprised of student representatives, non-professorial academic staff representatives, professors and International Office staff.

You will need to be enrolled at the University of Konstanz, even while you are on your exchange, to take part in a University of Konstanz exchange programme. Additionally, you will need to fulfil your host university’s requirements (for academic level, language skills, etc.) in order to be accepted. We will also take your extracurricular activities and personal qualification for an exchange into account.

The University of Konstanz nominates applicants for an exchange at a partner university. The partner university then makes the final decision about whether to accept an applicant. Generally, the nominees are accepted to the exchange programme.