We invite you, dear outgoing students of the University of Konstanz, to give us some insight into your study abroad during Winter Semester 2020/2021. Use a short video to tell or show us what you like most about our host university desipte the pandemic situation, what is it like to be an exchange student, war you a doing virtual internship aborad,  what would you recommend fellow students  who plan to go abroad in Spring 2021,...  Be creative!

We will edit the videos to create a collage that we may distribute during info sessions and on our website (via U Konstanz Youtube and Facebook).

While we really want to use all the videos, we might have to base the collage on a selection of the videos if more are submitted than we can edit. We may also need to shorten the videos during the editing process.

Technical requirements:

Please record the video in landscape format (16:9), e.g. using your smartphone. The maximum length is 2 min. Only files in .mp4 or .mov format can be used. Please use the highest possible video quality while filming.

Make sure that no unrelated persons (e.g. passers-by) appear in the video.

Tips for making your video:

Please make sure you have good lighting for your recording (lit by the sun and not back-lit). Protect the microphone as much as possible from the wind for a good audio recording. Avoid fast movements or zooms.

Submission possible till Nov 10, 2020

Beitrag zu Auslandsaufenthalt in Zeiten der Pandemie

Inhaltliche Anforderungen/General Requirements
Bitte speichern Sie Ihr Video im Format .mp4 oder .mov und benennen es mit [Nachname]_[Willkommen2020].mp4/.mov.
Please save your video in .mp4 or .mov format using the following template file name [LASTNAME]_[Willkommen2020].mp4/.mov.

Nach dem Absenden dieses Formulars erhalten Sie einen Link zum internen Cloud-Speicher der Universität, wo Sie dann bitte Ihr Video hochladen.
After you submit the form, you will be given a link to the university's internal cloud drive. Please upload your video there.
Anfrage absenden/Submit form