Studierende im Gespräch
Studierende im Gespräch

Master's students, welcome!

Get off to a running start

Webinar Recording "Preparations before you leave"

As a new master's student at the University of Konstanz, you have an exciting and extraordinary study experience ahead of you. To help get you started on the right foot as you prepare for your stay in Konstanz, we would like to provide you with the follwing important information. The sooner you begin your preparations, the easier your arrival and stay in Konstanz will be.

Information is preparation

Accommodation, visa, arrival, orientation programmes - for planning and preparing for your first days and weeks in Konstanz, we have prepared all the information that you need. Furthermore, we will provide several programmes that will support you upon arrival: 


Due to our city's geographic location at the border to Switzerland and on the shores of Lake Constance, living space is limited and accomodations can be expensive. We highly recommend that you reserve a room in a Seezeit residence hall or find private accomodations as soon as possible.

A room in one of the Seezeit student residence halls in Konstanz costs between € 300 - 350 per month. Students usually live in flat shares with 2 - 6 other students (men and women together, Germans and internationals). Every student receives their own room. The kitchen and bathroom are shared by all flat residents. All residence halls can be reached with the city busses from the train station/city centre and the university.

Please inform yourself about what Seezeit has to offer as well as other potential housing options in and around Konstanz by using our Accommodations in Konstanz web page.

Orientation Programmes

The International Office is there for you right from the very beginning. To ease your way into the German academic setting and cultural atmosphere in Konstanz, we recommend that you take part in one of our pre-semester orientation programmes.They will also guide you through important formalities like e.g. the enrollment at university - all this will take place before classes start!

Choose between

GO Konstanz (with Intensive German Language Course): 05 - 28 March 2019 (register until 15 February | limited space)

- OriPro: 03 - 09 April 2019 (register until 31 March)

The first day of the orientation programme

Buddy Programme

Want to get to know the ins and outs of Konstanz and the university with a local "buddy" at your side? As an international student, you will be matched with a local Konstanz student who looks forward to meeting and assisting you via our Buddy Programme. (register until 10 February)

Meet and greet

On the evenings of the two recommended arrival days, all orientation participants and their family, flatmates, “buddies” and friends are invited to join in a relaxed evening out at the Constanzer Wirtshaus to get to know each other (Spanierstr. 3, “Sternenplatz” bus stop).

Friday, 1 March and Saturday, 2 March, starting at 20.00.

Monday, 1 April and Tuesday, 2 April, starting at 20.00.

Highly recommended: Get insider knowledge and meet peers of different semesters

Introduction to your new studies

For dates on introductory events for new students, please contact the study advisor of your programme.  Alternatively, you can visit the website of your department.