Studentin im International Office
Studentin im International Office


A “cotutelle” is a type of doctoral studies where the doctoral student has multiple supervisors from at least two different universities located in multiple countries. The degree certificate is awarded by all participating universities - graduates earn one title. Important starting points for a cotutelle are often the scientific contacts of the supervisors, long-standing partnerships with international institutions - and a strong interest demonstrated by the doctoral students.

The foundation for such a cotutelle is an agreement between the doctoral student, the supervisor(s) and the participating universities, represented by their rector. The doctoral regulations from the participating institutions must be harmonised. Cotutelle contracts are established on an individual basis and must be supported by the supervisor(s), International Office, Division of Legal Affairs and the Examinations Office. Unfortunately, financial support does not automatically apply to a cotutelle.

Various departments from multiple universities have already gained experience with this type of doctoral studies.

The prerequisites for submitting a request for a cotutelle include:

  • Two doctoral supervisors
  • Doctoral supervision agreement
  • Enrolment as a doctoral student

All specific contract details will be established on an individual basis.

The request for a cotutelle along with the aforementioned documents must be submitted to Edelgard Matzner in the Central Examination Office. She can advise you about the details concerning the required individual agreements.