Eurokonstantia - Hochschulsport Konstanz

General rules that apply in principle:

Teams are obliged to arrive on time for their matches. If teams are more than 5 minutes late, the match is considered lost.

The tournament language is English (Should two German teams play against each other, the tournament language is German).

In case of grossly unsportsmanlike conduct (also outside of the game), there will be penalties which, depending on the severity of the offence, can lead to exclusion from the game.

A player is only eligible to play in the registered team.
Exception: a team is shorthanded due to injury. The team change must be submitted to the tournament management in writing and approved before the start of the game.


Basketball (mixed)

This year's Eurokonstantia will hold a mixed basketball competition on the university's hard court (in case of rainy weather in the gym).

All the matches take place all day on Friday and Saturday.


  • Each team consists of 5 players (at least 2 female) on the court. Substitutions are permitted as often as required. The maximum number of players allowed per team: 12
  • The Playing time depends on the number of regristrations
  • Time-out: Qualification round: Each team is allowed to have one time-out per game. Elimination round: Each team is allowed to have one time-out per half
  • In addition, the official rules of the FIBA are valid:

Beachvolleyball (mixed)

As in previous years, the beachvolleyball competition will take place on Friday and Saturday on all two beachvolleyball courts at the #uniBeachKN.

Note: If you are also taking part in the mixed volleyball competition make sure your volleyball team is able to organize at least six players (including 3 women) for each match, even when you are simultaneously playing in the beachvolleyball competition. We cannot guarantee both competitions will not overlap!


  • The official beachvolleyball rules will be applied
  • Group stage matches are played with 2 sets up to 15 points
  • Final round matches: 2 sets up to 21 points will be played, at 1-1 in sets a tiebreak up to 15 points will be played, changes after 11 points in the set (5 points in the tie-break)
  • Each team is allowed one time out per set
  • Poolplay modus will be used, so that each team has at least 4 games
  • Each team must provide a referee for the other group games
  • Referees will be provided by the organiser for the final round matches
  • Maximum: 24 teams mixed

Handball (mixed)

As in previous years the Mixed Handball Tournament will be played outside on grass. There are two pitches prepared and it will be played in 4 groups of 4-5 teams. In case of very bad weather, the tournament will be moved to the Schänzlehalle.

All games will be played on Friday and Saturday. Recommended day of arrival is Thursday.


  • A teams consists of up to 12 field players und 2 goalkeepers
  • Each team should have 5 women, from which 3 women have to be on the field, except at time penalties
  • The rules of the DHB are effective, with the addition that goals from women are counted double
  • Qualification round: 4-5 teams in 4 groups
  • The group winner and second qualify for the quarter final
  • All teams play the same number of games - all standings are determined
  • In case of equal points, the goal difference, scored goals and then direct comparison decide the standing
  • Cleats are not allowed
  • Penalties: Sending-off for 2 minutes: During this time the team plays with one person less as a punishment, Total disqualification (red card): The player is suspended for the remainder of the game. The player who has received the red card, may not play in the next game
  • Maximum number of teams: 20

Streetball (mixed)

At the Eurokonstantia this year there will be 3 vs 3 Streetball again. This type of game will be played as mixed. The games will be played on our newly lined basketball courts. The games will alternate with the Basektball mixed tournament on Friday and Saturday all day.  


  • A team consists of three players on each court. Players may change teams as often as they like.
    Maximum team size: 5 players (different from official rules).
  • Game time is 15 minutes or after one team has scored 21 points.If a game in the playoffs ends in a tie after the prescribed playing time, it will be extended according to the FIBA 3x3 rules until one team has scored 2 points.
  • Court observers and supervisors are provided by non-playing teams. The allocation is to be taken from the game plan.
    The best teams of each group will advance to the final round (playoffs).
  • Unsportsmanlike fouls are penalised with a free throw for the fouled player and possession of the ball for his team. Two unsportsmanlike fouls by a player will result in exclusion from the current game. Fisticuffs will result in exclusion from the tournament for both teams involved.
  • Furthermore, the official streetball rules of the FIBA apply
  •  Maximum 24 mixed teams

Volleyball (mixed)

As in previous years, volleyball mixed will be played at the Eurokonstantia. ALL courts will be played, so EVERY team will have at least 5 games!

All matches will take place on Friday and Saturday.

Please note:
If you are participating in the beach volleyball tournament at the same time, your volleyball team should always be able to bring at least 6 people (including 3 women) to the field, even if you are currently active in the beach volleyball tournament. We cannot guarantee that matches of your teams in both competitions will not overlap!


  • A team consists of up to 12 players
  • Each team must have at least 3 women, as at least 3 women must always be on the court. (Exception: A male libero may replace a woman if he is on defence. If the middle blocker concerned is standing in front, there must still be 3 women on the court!)
  • The regular volleyball rules of the DVV apply.
  • Time of group matches: 2 sets of 15 minutes each; in case of 1:1 the better set ratio counts later and in case of a tie in the sets the better point ratio counts.
  • Quarter-finals, semi-finals and final: 2 winning sets, if necessary 3rd set shortened to 15
  • The matches of the knock-out phase will be played to 21 points; the semi-finals and finals will be played to 25 points.
  • Group mode: 4-5 teams in 4 groups
  • Each team must provide a court and a referee for the group phase.
  • Maximum number of teams: 20

Soccer - 6-a-side (female/male)

We are pleased to be able to offer a football tournament for men and women again this year. Games will be played on the large grass pitch, where two pitches will be prepared.

All matches will take place on Friday and Saturday. Recommended day of arrival is Thursday.


  • A team consists of 6 players, one of whom must be identified as the goalkeeper.
  • Players can be substituted in and out as desired. Substitutions are made at the halfway line.
  • The substitute may only enter the field of play after the substituted player has left the field of play at the halfway line.
  • The playing time of the group phase is 2 x 10 minutes. The semi-finals and the final will be played for 2 x 15 minutes each.
  • The DFB rules for kick-offs, lateral throw-ins, corner kicks and free kicks apply, as well as the rules of the Uni-Liga Germany for small-sided football.
  • There is no offside rule
  • When passing back to the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is not allowed to touch the ball with his/her hand.
  • Each team must provide a referee and a court for the group phase.

Penalty rules:

  • Relegation for 2 minutes: During this time, the team plays with one person less as a penalty, total sending-off (red card): The player is suspended for the entire match. The team has one player less for the whole match. The player who received the red card is not allowed to play in the following match.

Rugby - 7-a-side (female/male)

Rugby is a relatively old and Olympic ball sport that has its roots in the British Isles. Players may both handle and kick the egg-shaped ball. The objective in rugby is for a player to run with the ball and reach the 'so called' goal area (behind the goal line) of the opposing team and touch down the ball there on the ground. During play the ball may not be thrown forward (a forward pass) because the player must touch down behind the goal first with the ball, otherwise it would be the ball which reached the goal area.

Space on the pitch can be won in four different ways:

  1. Getting around the opponent by body-movement, or sudden change of direction (side-step)
  2. By kicking the ball over or round the opponent and by the kicker chasing the ball
  3. Getting past opponents by throwing the ball to a team member (pass)
  4. A group of players hold on to each other and try to push away the opponent's group (scrum)

To prevent the opponents winning space on the pitch, there is only one way - holding the legs of the player with the ball to restrain movement, so-called "tackling". Any other way, for example, tripping, hitting or holding the neck is strictly PROHIBITED!

Tennis (female/male)

As part of the Eurokonstantia, there will be a tennis tournament again this year. A singles tournament is planned.

This year it will be played on Friday and Saturday.


In addition to the regular tennis rules of the DTB and the ITF, the following rules will apply:

  • In the group phase (Qualification Round) one set will be played to 6, in case of a tie to 7 (tie-break).
  • In the placement matches (final round), 2 winning sets are played. If there is a tie after the first two sets, a match tie-break to 10 points will be played.
  • In the case of a tie-break, the winner is the player who first reaches at least seven points (in the case of a match tie-break at least ten points) and at the same time has a lead of two points.
  • In each set, the players shall change sides of the court after the first, third and each subsequent odd game. During a tie-break, the players shall change sides of the court after every six points.
  • A no-show is always considered a 0:6 defeat (or 0:6; 0:6 defeat) for that match.
  • If the scheduled playing time has not yet expired, a late start may be permitted up to a maximum of 10 minutes after the start of the match with a 0:3 deficit, after which a match shall be deemed not to have started.
  • If a player retires, the opponent wins that match. The games played up to this point in the set are included in the score.
  • If a match has to be abandoned and cannot be resumed, the last score achieved shall be taken as the result.
  • In case of grossly unsportsmanlike conduct, the tournament committee may exclude the player in question from the tournament. Matches not yet played will then be counted as non-attendance.
  • The tournament will be played on the artificial turf courts of the university. In case of bad weather, the tournament will be moved to a nearby hall if possible.

Table tennis (female/male)


When the ball falls, the server must hit it so that it first touches his/her own court and then bounces directly into or touches the court of the receiver. In doubles, the ball must first touch the right half of the court of the server and then that of the receiver.

A served or returned ball must be hit so that it touches the opponent's court, either directly or after touching the net set.

Points are awarded if:

  • the opponent fails to serve correctly
  • the opponent fails to return the ball correctly
  • the ball, after being served or returned, touches anything other than the net before being hit by the opponent
  • if the ball passes the court or the baseline without touching the court after it has been hit by an opponent
  • when the ball, after being hit by the opponent, passes either through the net, between the net and the posts or between the net and the court
  • if the opponent touches the court with his/her free hand if, in doubles, an opponent hits the ball outside the order determined by the first server and the first returner.

A set is won by the player (or pair) who first scores 11 points. However, if both players or pairs have reached 10 points, the set is won by whoever then leads by two points first.

Many teams can expect a long journey, which is associated with high costs. To ensure that you can enjoy the tournament in any case, we offer you the following insurance:

- A tournament will only be held if at least four teams have registered in the respective sport. If this is not the case, the teams concerned will be notified and will either receive a full refund of their entry fees or, if they wish or request it, will be allowed to travel along for a reduced fee and experience the side event and atmosphere as guests.

- Depending on the game mode, a minimum of four games will be guaranteed for each team. If this is not possible due to an error on our part, the participation fees will also be refunded.

Additional sports:

Cheerleading (mixed)

As part of cheerleading, Eurokonstantia invites all dance enthusiasts to the beautiful Lake Constance. We warmly welcome...

    ... all styles
    ... Groups with at least 4 dancers
    ... Constellations of all kinds: male, female, mixed
    ... all choreographies with a length of 3 to 7 minutes


It would be nice if you arrive with your team on Thursday afternoon. This would give you the opportunity to rehearse for the competition on Friday.
The preliminary round will start on Saturday at noon in the Historic Gymnastics Hall, followed by the grand final, which will take place in the evening before the handball / rugby final.

Scoring system:

A-grade (gymnastics/choreography):

  • Concept
  • Level of difficulty
  • Creativity

B grade (presentation/quality):

  • Movement quality
  • Expressiveness
  • Props/ material/ outfit

In the final there is also a C grade, which is determined by the audience.