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Eurokonstantia - Academic Sports Service, University of Konstanz

Register now to experience an unforgettable event at the shores of Lake Constance:

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Registration deadline: 20th of May 2018, 11.59 p.m.

Accommodation and fees:

Low Budget

Camping on our sports area with your own tent (You have to bring your own tent, camping mat & sleeping bag with you).

Price per person: 99,00 €

Places available: 350

Mid Budget

Accommodation in a collective accommodation tent (You have to bring your own camping mat and sleeping bag with you).

Price per person: 109,00 €

Places available: 300

Mid Budget Comfort

Accommodation in a room with 8 or 10 beds (You always have to book the whole room).

Price per person: 149,00 €*

Places available: 38

* Please contact us during your registraition process by e-mail. Law is: "First come, first served"

High Budget

Accommodation in one of our partner hotels. Please notice hotel costs! Further information will be given to you after registration. Hotels must be  booked by yourself!

Price per person: 69,00 €**

Places available: approx. 120

** Hotels must be booked by yourself.

Partnerhotel 2017: B&B Konstanz

  •  50,- € each person and night in a  double-/three bedroom incl. breakfast
  •  85,- € each person and night in a single room

All packages include the following services:

  • Breakfast on Friday and Saturday, brunch on Sunday
  • Paked lunch on Friday and Saturday
  • Free access to WelcomeNight, RockNight and ClubNight
  • Event-T-Shirt
  • Free Wifi, free First-Aid-Service and Security-Service during the night
  • Participation in the tournament