Farewell Eurokonstantia!

Long live the Uni Konstanz sportFESTIVAL!

History was made since 2006 and for 15 times:
Farewell Eurokonstantia! Long live the Uni Konstanz sportFESTIVAL!

­­Get ready for the ultimate summer break experience! The new Uni Konstanz sportFESTIVAL will be back and better than ever before. Join us 2024 and afterwards for a weekend of non-stop sports, games and activities. Whether you're a seasoned athlete, alumni or just looking to have some fun in the sun, there's something for everyone at next year's sportFESTIVAL (28.06.-30.06.2024).

So mark your calendars, grab your friends, and get ready to make some unforgettable memories at Uni Konstanz Sportfestival!


Goodbye, my dear, our time has passed,
Our memories, I'll always hold fast,
But though we part, let it not be in vain,
For one day, we'll see us again.

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