Rules about Covid19 & Sport

Hochschulsport Konstanz

Only come if you are healthy:
You may only use the university’s sport facilities if you feel healthy, do not have a cold or fever, and are not under quarantine.

Everyday Face Mask:
Until reaching the real sports area and when leaving this area it is obligatory to wear an everyday mask. Make sure you stay at least 1.5 –2 metres apart.

Only stay for sports:
Only a limited number of persons are allowed to use the university sport facilities at one time. Once you have finished, you need to leave the facilities right away so others can have a chance

Avoid physical contact:
Find a way to do sports and exercise without physical contact with others where reasonably possible. No shaking hands, giving five, hugging or group celebrations.

Keep good hygiene:
Wash your hands thoroughly and often, cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow, and always bring along a face mask in case it is needed.

Disinfect your sports equipment:
You are responsible for disinfecting any equipment that you use.

The shower rooms are closed:
You may use the locker rooms for changing shoes and leaving warm clothes in the locker.

Keep sport groups small and constant:
If you train in groups, keep them small and ideally always the same group of people.