General Terms and Conditions of Business

Academic Sports Service of University of Konstanz


General Terms and Conditions of Business:

The Hochschulsport Konstanz, with its sub-sections:

uniEvent | uniFamily | uniFit | uniMotion | uniNature | uniSport | uniTournament | uniVenture

as well as the current projects: Active Campus Konstanz | Uni-Liga Konstanz is an institution of the University of Konstanz that offers a wide-ranging sports and leisure programme for students and employees of the university and other Konstanz universities.

The focus of the sports programme is on broadly sports-oriented games and sports with qualified instruction. However, there are also opportunities for free sporting activities without instruction. Furthermore, there are numerous courses that impart theoretical and practical knowledge in the respective sports. A number of events are performance-oriented, including competitive sports.

The Hochschulsport Konstanz is responsible for the administration of the university sports facilities, and specific rules and regulations apply at the university sports facilities. The applicable court regulations are posted at the respective locations and are accepted with the use of the respective facility and, if applicable, the purchase of tickets.