Terms and Conditions

Academic Sports Service of University of Konstanz

The Academic Sports Service, including its sections "uniEvent", "uniFamily", "uniFit", "uniMotion", "uniNature", "uniSport", "uniVenture", "uniTournament" and "Eurokonstantia", is an organization of the University of Konstanz, which offers a wide-ranging programme of sports and leisure activities to the students and employees of the University.

The Academic Sports Service is responsible for administrating the University sports facilities. The sports programme focuses on offering popular sports under qualified supervision. In addition there is the possibility to do sports freely without supervision. Further there are numerous courses in which theoretical and practical aspects of various sports can be learned and improved. Some of these courses emphasize the competitive aspect of the respective sports, which includes competitions.

The University sports facilities each have specific regulations, which can be viewed at the respective sports grounds. The regulations are automatically accepted on using the facility or (if necessary) by purchasing a ticket.

All the pictures and videos produced during the courses and events are available from the Academic Sports Service for free use without charge.

§ 1 - Registration

All events and courses require participants to register. Registration is only possible online on the internet homepages of the University Konstanz Academic Sports Service. The registration button can be found in the description of the respective course or event.

If the button says "book the course" there are places available. After clicking this button an online form appears, which must be filled in. The course fee will be withdrawn from the bank account number given. If the button is red and says "waiting list" the course is full. The only possibility is to apply to go on the waiting list, so if somebody drops out of the course, everybody who is on the waiting list receives an email about the free place. The first to register online for the course gets the place.

After successfully registering for a course you will receive a confirmation email. The booking confirmation can also be viewed and printed in the internet browser.

§ 2 - Right to Participate

Students and employees of the University of Konstanz and HTWG Konstanz are prefentially entitled to participate in the courses and events of the Academic Sports Service. Student-ID / employee-ID and participation ticket have to be brought to any course or event and shown to the staff if requested. Anybody without this legitimization uses the sports facilities, including the school sport halls, unlawfully.

Students not enrolled in University of Konstanz or HTWG Konstanz are also entitled to register for courses and events of the Academic Sports Service, they are then listed as "students from other universities". The conditions are the same as for students of the University of Konstanz / HTWG Konstanz, with the exception of not being insured through the Academic Sports Service.

Students under 18 years of age are only allowed to participate with a written declaration of consent of a legal guardian.

§ 3 - External Guests

If the capacity of the course or event is sufficient, external guests that is persons who don't fall under the group of legitimate participants in § 2, can be allowed to participate in the course. Therefore the online registration for external guests usually begins 2 weeks after the regular registration date.

External guests have to pay a participation fee, the amount can be seen on the website of the respective offer. No insurance coverage is provided for external guests. For details please go to "§ 6: insurance coverage / liability". External guests under 18 years of age are in principle not allowed to participate.

Former students, retired employees or other externals, who want to participate in courses of the Academic Sports Service on a regular basis, have the possibility to sign up with the Alumni Association (VEUK).

§ 4 - Fees

Fees are charged for all courses and events. The amount varies depending on the group size, duration of the event and material costs. In general the participation fees are due at the time of the registration. They will be withdrawn from the bank account, which is given by you with the online registration.

If the given bank account lacks sufficient funds, processing fees of at least 3€ per transaction will be charged to the participant.

In case that a course or event is cancelled, for example because of too few participants or the instructor is not available, the amount paid will be refunded. Further claims are excluded. The Academic Sports Service reserves its right to change the amount of the participation fees, contribution expenses or other fees at any time.

§ 5 - Cancellation

You can withdraw from the courses and events of the Academic Sports Service under the following conditions:

  • Cancellation of a booked course is only possible in certain cases due to the additional amount of work. There is a service charge of 10€, or at most 50% of the course fee. If the cancellation is made (personally, written notification) within 21 days of the first class/lesson a cancellation fee of 50% of the course fee will be charged. Within 7 days before the course starts a refund is not guaranteed.
  • If cancellation of a trip lasting several days with overnight stays is made (personal, written notification) within 21 days before the start of the trip, a cancellation fee of 100% of the course fee will be charged.
  • It is not possible to withdraw from booked events, courses and other services from the sections "uniTournament", "uniEvent", "HSP Teamwear Collection" and there is no right to a refund of the fee paid. All of the cancellation fees and all prepayments made by the Academic Sports Service must be reimbursed. No subsidies will be granted.
  • If the place on the course which has become available can be allocated to somebody else, only the service fee will be charged.
  • In cases where the withdrawing participant can show that the cancellation leads to no or significantly smaller costs than the service and cancellation fees are meant to compensate, the service and cancellation fees will be replaced by the corresponding smaller charge.
  • In general the Academic Sports Service recommends taking out a travel cancellation insurance, especially for trips over several days (for example trekking, international tournaments, skiing- and snowboarding trips...).
  • An early cancellation of contracts with the fitness centre uniMotion is not possible.
  • Because of bad weather conditions trips organized by uniNature may be changed to different locations, even at short notice. This is not a reason to cancel the course.

§ 6 - Insurance / Liability

  • During the participation in official, supervised and instructed sports courses of the Academic Sports Service enrolled students of the University of Konstanz and HTWG Konstanz are insured through "Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg" against sports related and travel accidents. For students of other universities no legal accident insurance cover is provided. There is no insurance coverage for non-organized sporting activities on the facilities of the Academic Sports Service
  • In courses of the Academic Sports Service participating employees of the University of Konstanz are insured against sports and direct travel accidents following the regulations of the insurance coverage for company sports. Employees are not legally insured against sport and travel accidents during sports competitions. There is also no insurance coverage for employees on courses of the Academic Sports Service which take place outside the university sports facilities. For such courses outside the regular common sports programme a private accident insurance is recommended. Accidents in connection with the Academic Sports Service do not count as accidents at work for university staff.
  • External guests are not insured against sport and travel accidents through the University of Konstanz. By participating in courses and events of the Academic Sports Service, they undertake not to claim damages in connection with sporting activities against the state of Baden-Württemberg, the University of Konstanz and its members, or the coaches and instructors employed by the University of Konstanz. This does not apply to cases of premeditated intent and gross negligence.
  • All participants of the Academic Sports Service are advised to take out a private liability insurance, in case they cause personal injuries or material damage to third parties. It is highly recommended to take out an additional health insurance when participating in courses of the Academic Sports Service, which take place in countries outside the European Union (e.g. Switzerland).
  • When travelling to international tournaments with the Academic Sports Service each participant is advised to register with the Foreign Office, as necessary due to the political situation in the destination country.

§ 7 - Accident Reporting

Sports accidents involving students have to be reported immediately to the Service Centre of the student union "Seezeit" in Section A of the University.

Please make an appointment at Seezeit service Centre for filling in the forms of the accident report.

Service Center Konstanz

Section A 5

Tel +49 7531 - 88 7400


§ 8 - VEUK (Alumni Association) - department Academic Sports Service

Members of the Alumni Association are entitled to take part in the sports programme of the Academic Sports Service without any limitations. The same rates as for employees are applied, but there is no insurance cover through the University. The ID number of their VEUK-membership must be given during the online booking of courses and events.

Anybody, with or without a university degree, can become a member of the Alumni Association in the department "Academic Sports Service". This membership must be obtained and cancelled separately from the activities of the Academic Sports Service. The application form must be filled in online.