Could you record the event for me?

KIM can record lectures and events for you.

Technical equipment 

  • Depending on the room and type of event, up to three cameras can be used for recordings.
  • If presentations are made using a beamer, the beamer signal can be recorded and then combined with video of the speaker. The original quality is preserved.
  • Questions from the audience can be recorded by special order.


Recordings are available on the University of Konstanz website.

However, the availability can be limited, if so desired. You may also request a DVD of the recording.


This service is free at events for students. For events with other audiences, you will need to pay the costs for labour.

Recording a 90-minute lecture without any editing costs approximately:

  • Using one camera focussed on the speaker: 70 euro
  • Using two cameras and audio of the audience: 140 euro

Events that require special planning and additional editing need more time to complete and thus cost more.


Audio and Video are edited. If more than one camera is used, the documentation service personnel can cut and merge the material. Normally, recordings produced have the same length as the original event. You can contact our experts if you are would like to have a shorter montage made of event recordings.


Please contact KIM (Communication, Information, Media Centre) at least two weeks before the event that you would like to have recorded.