The StEP: as flexible as possible

To help balance family and study responsibilities

StEP for a family-friendly university

We introduced the StEP programme in 2012 to create structures that enable parents to study efficiently and raise the awareness for students with parenting responsibilities. As a student parent you must be well-informed and know who is responsible for certain measures and options that will help you organize your studies flexibly. We help you by explaining organizational procedures clearly (“What steps do I need to take if my child is ill but I am supposed to sit an exam?”). We also offer valuable information and opportunities to network with other student parents. Higher education law states that universities are responsible for supporting student parents and providing them with flexible study options. StEP has played a major role in completely fulfilling this responsibility. It has been a  successful  tool to promote greater communication, flexibility and documentation for parents at the university. 

Parents who study need family-friendly structures, access to individual consultation services and an environment that supports their learning efforts. To balance family and study responsibilities, they need both “wiggle room” and the opportunity to plan their activities reliably. StEP connects parents with each other and with the university.

The University of Konstanz is pleased to welcome parents! Our continued goal is to make it easier to balance study and family responsibilities. You can use the Studierende-Eltern-Pass (StEP) to officially identify yourself as a student with children. It means you have access to flexible study options specifically for parents. For example, you can reschedule exams if unexpected family duties arise, in accordance with the Landeshochschulgesetz LHG (state law on higher education).

How it works

  • You need to be registered as a student.
  • Fill out the StEP application form and return it to E 615. Please bring along your child’s original birth certificate.
  • After you have applied for the StEP, your next semester sticker will include the words “Studierende-Elternpass”. This will allow you to use our family-friendly services.
  • Your StEP is automatically valid until your standard period of study ends. In order to receive the StEP for the upcoming semester, please submit your application before 10 January (for the summer semester) or 10 July (for the winter semester) respectively.

What does StEP include?

StEP offers a broad spectrum of family-friendly services that will help you to flexibility organize your studies.

Balancing different responsibilities beyond the university

Questions students face about finding childcare, housing and the necessary financial resources extend beyond the university environment. It is especially challenging for student parents to receive social benefits (such as BAföG, Wohngeld, Kinderzuschlag and ALG II). We work hard to reduce these barriers by partnering with national initiatives and working closely with local organizations to promote a vision of parenting while studying as an everyday activity that both parents and their children can experience positively.