Balancing research and family life

Austausch-Lunch (info-sharing lunch) for researchers and teachers

Researchers and lecturers meet for the Austausch-Lunch (info-sharing lunch) “balancing academic career and family life” (after announcement, Tuesday from 12:00 until 13:30 in E610). The participants can share their own questions and experiences on a set topic. They will be notified whether the meeting will be held in German or English. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Interested researchers and lecturers (with or without children) are welcome to participate!

Please contact and register with Tanja Edelhäußer, Phone +49 7531 88 -5314 or email.

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, 26 November 2019 (12:00 - 13:30, E610). The topic will be focussed on single parents and those who life separate from the other parent. We will exchange dos and don'ts and network.

Alle interested persons are cordially invited!

Overview of the meetings

Diskussing a Family-Sabbatical

 We will discuss about a suggestion by two german professors: a "family-sabbatical" for

researchers after a parental leave in order to compensate for research tasks. Furthermore we want to discuss other possibilities of compensating for family obligations in a scientific career path.

The meeting will be held in German.

We will discuss about the topic: "An academic career with children: simply carry on as before or  take an entirely new approach?"

If desired, the meeting will be held in English. 

A cooperative partnership among parents - is it a myth or a tangible goal?

English meeting about parenting, childhood and more

“Science as a way of life - is there room for children?”

Up until a few years ago, the myth that academic work and family life are not compatible was still widespread. Although many professors and university teachers are having children these days, we want to know if we have really made advances, or does the system sort out those who are not available 24/7? We will share and discuss our experiences, views and hopes.


Peer mentoring

For the next meeting we will once again utilize “peer mentoring”. Participants will describe a difficult situation for which other participants can provide potential solutions and personal advice. Tanja Edelhäußer will moderate the meeting.

English lesson

We will discuss general and specific questions about parenting, family support, raising a multilingual child, familiarizing yourself with German regulations and much more.

I am packing my suitcase and will take along...

Open discussion about the topics from the summer semester 2016

With all this stress...

Our topic: What makes parenthood so precious

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Clear boundaries?!

Our topic: Private matters at work and vice versa?

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Information sharing and university services

Our topic: Well connected with a double safety net - creative ideas for your own child care network

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Input and discussion with a daycare representative

Our topic: All there is to know about nurseries and daycares

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Information sharing

Our topic: Mobile phone, tablet and consoles - how can parents and children take a relaxed approach to those devices?

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Unser Thema: Und plötzlich wird mein Kind krank - wie organisiere ich das?

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Input von international reiseerfahrenen Forschenden

Unser Thema: Mobil mit Bobbycar & Playmobil: Wie plane ich Auslandsaufenthalt und Umzug mit Kindern?

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Unser Thema: Familiäre Routinen am Morgen und am Abend: Wie bringe ich Ruhe ins Chaos ?

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Offener Austausch

Kein explizites Thema

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Input und Diskussion mit Kerstin Melzer (Dual Career Programm)

Unser Thema: Was tu ich, was tust du? Gerechtigkeit in die Partnerschaft bringen

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Input von Stephanie Preuss (Forschungssupport)

Unser Thema: Kind & Knete: Wie gehe ich mit Elternzeit in Drittmittelprojekten und Stipendien um?

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Input und Reflexion

Unser Thema: Und was kann ich tun? Anregungen für eine bessere Vereinbarkeit durch Selbst- und Zeitmanagement

Informationen und Best Practices

Unser Thema: Mutterschutz, Elternzeit, Wiedereinstieg

Input und kollegiale Fallberatung

Unser Thema: Wie sag ich's meiner Chefin/meinem Chef? Vereinbarkeit gut verhandeln!