Customised career support through the Konstanzia Fellowship

Mentoring and more for postdoctoral researchers

The fellowship has been initiated to support female postdoctoral researchers and researchers of gender minorities* in the humanities and social sciences on their last steps towards gaining a professorship.

The programme consists of obligatory mentoring  as well as regular meetings of the fellows. Fellows also can take part in various coaching and customised training opportunities. Co-funding is permitted to ensure that fellows are able to make the most of the fellowship.

The Konstanzia Fellowship is open to postdoctoral researchers in the humanities and social sciences (Departments of History and Sociology, Philosophy, Literature, Linguistics, Law, Economics, Politics and Public Administration as well as Psychology) on their way to apply for a professorship. Until now 18 fellows are being funded.

* Gender minorities refers to researchers whose identity varies from traditional gender norms, e.g. transgender, transsexual or intersex.

How to apply

 Application deadline

3rd June 2018
Funding period
18 months beginning 1st July 2018 and ending 31st Dec 2019
Mentoring (obligatory), coaching, training, co-funding