An essential strategic pillar

Equal opportunity at the University of Konstanz is an essential factor contributing to the university’s success in the German Excellence Initiative. The university’s equal opportunity programmes and projects were expanded and improved, due in large part to the Institutional Strategy “Model Konstanz – towards a culture of creativity".

Targets, strategies and measures

The University of Konstanz pursues two primary goals in its equal opportunity policy:

  1. Increasing the proportion of women at all levels of scientific qualification:
    to 50% for doctoral students, to 47% for postdoctoral researchers, to 45% for independent junior researchers and junior professors and to 30% for professors (W2/3, C3/4).
  2. Establishing comprehensive gender-equitable and family friendly structures as well as a corresponding organisational and research culture within the university.

Three strategies and their respective measures will assist the university in reaching these goals:

Recruiting and supporting female students and junior researchers

by providing targeted formats (e.g. Mentoring and Mentoring Plus), funding for female postdoctoral researchers (e.g. with bridging scholarships), active recruiting of female researchers and developing department-specific equal opportunity projects.

Creating family-friendly research, work and study conditions

through the consolidation of regular and flexible childcare services, the “academic career with children” programme, the integration of "family-friendly leadership" into the university’s continuing education concepts and courses, and carrying out the third family-friendly university audit.

Firmly establishing gender mainstreaming at the university

by implementing the Code of Practice on Gender Equality using application-oriented concepts (e.g. guidelines for active recruiting), promoting gender equity in teaching, increasing the participation of women in university bodies, integrating equal opportunities in the university’s instruments for promoting researchers and expanding gender mainstreaming to include both gender and diversity mainstreaming.

Equal opportunity in university institutions funded by the Excellence Initiative

Ensuring equal opportunity and support for families are also explicit goals in our institutions funded by the Excellence Initiative:

GEx - equal opportunity at Universities of Excellence

The University of Konstanz actively participates in the network of equal opportunity professionals at former and current Universities of Excellence (GEx).

The network focuses on discussing equal opportunity goals, strategies and measures in the context of the German Excellence Initiative. It also collaborates on quality assurance and the development of processes to ensure equal opportunities.

GEx works in close cooperation with the DFG, the German Council of Science and Humanities, CEWS/gesis and other relevant research institutions.

GEx publications (in German)