Tailor-made equal opportunity activities

13 departments and 13 organisational cultures require a customised approach

Each university department has its own organisational culture with a specific environment for its (junior) researchers. For this reason, we work together with key individuals in each department to develop and implement suitable equal opportunity measures.

Three examples of equal opportunity projects

Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics created the information and discussion platform for women planning a future in mathematics „Frauen in der Mathematik: Wege in Studium und Beruf”. Women who are internationally renowned researchers present their projects on the platform. The respective events focus on discussing scientific career perspectives for mathematicians.


A Department of History and Sociology project was funded that systematically evaluated gender-equity in professorial appointment processes at the University of Konstanz over a 6-7 year period.


The Department of Physics received funding for its annual “KonPhysCamps”, which is part of the initiative “Schülerinnen forschen” (school girls in research). Furthermore, female scientists with children were supported in third-party funded projects by financing the supplementary contract to rework the time of maternal and parental leave.