Diversity concept

Celebrating diversity not only means recognizing and acknowledging it, but also actively promoting and cultivating it. In so doing, we strive to advance equal opportunity as well as to confront and reduce discrimination.

The University of Konstanz is determined to focus even more intently on addressing diversity issues as they relate to promoting equal opportunity and the high quality of our research and teaching. Through our mission statement, our Code of Practice for Academics between Doctoral Studies and Professorship and our Code of Practice on Gender Equality, we strive to promote a respectful and barrier-free work and research culture for all university members.

This means: We will create and maintain study, research and working conditions within which each and every individual university member can develop and flourish. We will ensure that appropriate organisational structures and our research culture support and promote diversity. Furthermore, we will work to transform our “gender mainstreaming strategy” into a “gender and diversity mainstreaming strategy”.