Our services for the individual phases of your project

1. Approval/conclusion of contract

The donor’s funding approval ends the application period supervised by Research Support. This is when Project Administration takes over.

2. Project setup

a) Opening of a project account to manage the project’s finances

b) If required, and if this was not obtained beforehand, authorisation of external funding (“Drittmittelverfahren”)

c) Funds are transferred to the project account as stipulated in the funding approval

3. Project implementation

a) Drawing of funds and administration of incoming payments

b) Management of staff funding

c) Support with managing funds for material resources especially via:

d) Advice on the rededication of funds, supplementation and extension of the project

e) Link between project management and sponsors in all administrative matters (e.g. interim settlements, clarification of individual issues)

4. End of the project

a) Submission of financial report to the funding body

b) Closing of the project account

5. Other responsibilities

a) External funding statistics

b) Charitable donations certificates

c) Management of AFF accounts (internal research support)

d) Supervision of project audits on the part of funding bodies