Internal research support

Internal research support at the University of Konstanz

The University of Konstanz makes parts of its budget funds available to support the work of our researchers and scientists.

The most important information in brief:

1. Our internal research support services

– AFF research funds
– Dissertation completion funding for doctoral researchers
– External Funding Reward Model
– Final theses

2. Approved funds

are credited to the following account:

  • Chapter: 1414
  • Title: 42771 for funding for student assistants and/or 54771 for funding for material resources
  • Subtitle: 04
  • Account level 1: (individual)

3. Use of funds

  • for material expenses such as business trips, consumables, small equipment worth € 2,500 or less
  • assistants
  • not eligible for funding: staff, investments
  • Special provisions: separate funding for material resources and for student assistants; funding for material expenses can be used to cover the expenses for student assistants but not vice versa
  • can only be used in the current budget year (please note the annual deadlines), remaining funds cannot be transferred to the following year (for exceptions, please see the approval letter)

4. Special provisions: Dissertation completion and bridge funding for doctoral researchers

These positions are approved with reference to the above-named budget account. This reference must be included with the corresponding requests to Human Resources for hiring new staff and/or extending staff contracts. For budgetary reasons, staff expenses are managed via a central account.

Our project administrators will be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have. If you have questions about the application and approval procedures, please contact:

Officer of the Committee on Research

Christina Leib

Phone: +49 7531 88-2393

Research funds for internal research projects (AFF projects)

Promoting internal research projects is one of the core activities of the university's internal research support services.

1. The application process

To request research funds for internal projects please submit your application to the Committee on Research (AFF) by 15 October. Please direct your request to Christina Leib, Division of Financial Affairs.

This is a standard procedure, which means that:

  • every scientist or researcher can only submit one application for funds (divided into partial projects, if applicable)
  • the application typically covers the subsequent two years
  • the prescribed application form must be used
  • the application deadline is binding.

You can find all documents for the current call for applications here.

Late applications may be submitted by 15 June. This deadline is mainly for new university members who joined us after the October deadline.

2. The decision-making process

After the 15 October deadline, the AFF (Committee on Research) will review all applications and issue a recommendation. The Rectorate then decides which projects receive funding. Usually, this will take about six weeks, which means that the decision for the main annual call will not be made until the end of year.

3. Funding approval

The Division of Financial Affairs will notify all applicants of the Rectorate’s decision. The official notification includes information on whether and to what extent your project will be funded and what guidelines and regulations you need to observe when using the funds. Decisions about two-year applications are made for both calendar years. This means that you will not receive another funding notification in the second year.

Dissertation completion funding for doctoral researchers

The AFF can approve dissertation completion funding for doctoral researchers (TV-L E13 at 50% employment volume) for a maximum of three months. You can submit your written request at any time. Please note that you must include detailed reasons and a specific job description. Please direct your application to Christina Leib, Division of Financial Affairs.

External Funding Reward Model

With its External Funding Reward Model, the University of Konstanz rewards researchers who attract external funding. Currently, the university provides an annual sum of € 500,000 to provide additional incentives and reward researchers who successfully acquire external funding.

The AFF uses the project leaders’ staff expenses claimed for externally-funded projects in the previous year to calculate the amount of the reward. The available sum is distributed accordingly among the project leaders. In the previous years, the reward amounted to about 2.7% of staff expenses.

Further calculation details:

  • The minimum reward is € 300, smaller amounts will not be paid out
  • The AFF awards a maximum reward of € 10,000
  • Contracts to produce a work do not count as staff expenses; scholarships can only be taken into consideration for individual projects (Research Training Groups or similar institutions are excluded)
  • Emeritus professors and external partners cannot take part in the External Funding Reward Model
  • If several project leaders are involved, only the primary project leader will be rewarded if no other agreements have been made with the Division of Financial Affairs.
  • There is no reward for centrally-requested projects. These include endowed professorships, the Excellence Initiative as well as the graduate schools.
  • Civil servants’ earnings are not taken into consideration
  • The AFF calculates the reward based on all staff expenses up until and including November so that the necessary calculations can be made by the end of December / the beginning of January.

Final theses

Upon request, final theses can be funded with budget funds. These funds are approved upon request and credited to the research funds account of the primary supervisor.

For further information about the reward model, please consult this newsletter from the Division of Financial Affairs.

You can obtain request forms from your faculty.