Frequently Asked Questions

I want to organise an excursion. What do I need to keep in mind?

For insurance reasons, we recommend that you register your excursion using the corresponding form. Please register via your department, which will decide whether you are granted an allowance for the excursion, what amount the allowance should be and where the money should come from. Only University of Konstanz employees can lead an excursion; this means that students cannot lead an excursion.

If the excursion is approved, this also includes official permission for the excursion leader to travel on business. The Division of Financial Affairs will inform Human Resources directly. You will not need to file a separate Dienstreisegenehmigung (request for permission to travel on business).

After the excursion, you must provide Financial Affairs with a list of the participants as well as a short description (e.g. the programme). As the excursion leader, you must sign off on both as “sachlich richtig” (factually correct). Please request reimbursement for your travel expenses from Human Resources as per usual (please submit your original bills and receipts).
If you have further questions, please contact: Alexander Sauter, phone extension -5076

I need a larger sum of cash in small units to pay out to test subjects. How does that work?

In order to be able to provide the desired small change and notes for test subjects, please send an email specifying the overall amount and units that you require by Thursday, 11:00 to the university cashier’s office. Please direct your email to Ms D'Agosto. We will refer your request to the university bank. You can collect your order from the university cashier’s office from 10:00 on the following Thursday. Late requests will not be available until the week after that.

Please contact Ms D'Agosto, phone extension -3209, for further information.

Where can I find the university cashier’s office and what are the opening hours?

The Universitätskasse (university cashier's office) is located in V building, room V 703. It is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 11:00. 

What’s the difference between donations and sponsoring?

Donations are voluntary and gratuitous contributions that can take the form of monetary payments, non-cash benefits and material assets. The recipient is not permitted to offer compensation to the donor. Moreover, donations must be made to promote charitable ventures and must not be spent on any other ventures than charitable ones.

Sponsoring, on the other hand, describes the giving of money and non-cash benefits by entrepreneurs/businesses to support individuals, groups or organisations active in sport-related, cultural, social, ecological or similar areas. If a business engages in sponsoring activities, it typically also seeks to advance its marketing or public relations goals by doing so. Donor and recipient enter into a performance relationship.

For tax purposes, we differentiate between sponsoring that is related to asset management (tax-free) and commercial sponsoring (subject to taxation). You can find detailed information about the differences between the two here.

If you have further questions, please contact tax services.

Does the university refund membership fees for scientific organisations?

Provided that your membership helps you carry out your official responsibilities and entails financial benefits, we can refund membership fees using basic funding. This is restricted to individual memberships that are in your official interests. Institutional membership in scientific organisations is excluded and must not be signed up for by university members. Membership fees must be covered by your basic funding.

Examples of individual memberships that are in a professor’s interests as a university official and, as such, qualify for reimbursement include:

1. Cost-efficient participation in scientific events (reduced attendance fees for symposia, workshops etc.),
2. Subscription to free academic journals, brochures etc. to support you in your official duties,
3. Other subscriptions to free information resources, publications etc. to support you in your official duties.

Please submit a formless reimbursement request to the Division of Financial Affairs. You must sign off on the original membership invoice as “Sachlich richtig” (factually correct) and hand it in.