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500,000 euros
Beginning in 2018, the Dr Karl Helmut Eberle foundation will fund innovative science and research projects at the University of Konstanz with 500,000 euros per year


Nutzungsdichte des Internets

Digital inequality

“The Internet and digital media are not distributed evenly and are constrained by existing political fault lines. The groups who actually need the Internet have very limited access.”
Professor Nils Weidmann

During the Arab Spring the Internet was celebrated as “liberation technology”: More political transparency, more political rights, more democracy. Political scientist Professor Nils Weidmann is challenging this assumption. In an interdisciplinary study in collaboration with computer scientists from the ETH Zurich, he was able to demonstrate that ethnic populations excluded from political processes have significantly less access to the Internet than those groups who hold political power in the country. The populations that need to be more involved in the political process are those that benefit considerably less from the political effectiveness of modern communication technology.



Winfried Kretschmann, minister-president of the state of Baden-Württemberg’s, during the 50th anniversary celebration of the University of Konstanz

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