For specific reports within the controlling and data portal, users require specific access rights which can be attained quickly and easily. Currently, special access rights are required for the following areas within the controlling and data portal:

  • Free text answers of surveys about study
  • Free text answers of surveys about Doctorates
  • Staff (individual data): Staff in detail, details on specific staff additions and reductions, positions in detail
  • Staff (aggregate data): Staff per year, staff per organisational unit based on type of financing
  • Doctoral studies (individual data): Current / Completed / Discontinued doctoral studies in detail
  • Rooms (individual data): Rooms in detail

Please use this authorisation request (login required) to send us your access request:

Please note:

The authorisation form is available only after login (top right in the menu) with your university login details (firstname.lastname / email password) on this website.

If you would like to receive access privileges as an employee, an already access-authorised person must fill out the form (e.g. head of department, working group representative, division representative). We review your application in cooperation with the relevant department and then provide you with quick and easy access. You will receive an email notification when this occurs.


Contact for the controlling and data portal:

Sebastian Vogt
Coordinator for Controlling & Business Intelligence
Room V 809
Phone: +49 7531 88 3483

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