The website relaunch project is over. On this page, you can learn more about the various project stages.

Project progress


December 2017

The “website relaunch” project was concluded successfully. Thank you to all those involved!

October 2017

We switched to the permanent version of TYPO3. You can continue to view web pages that were not migrated , you cannot, however, edit them.

July 2017

Approximately one year after the relaunch of all central pages, we invited students and employees to take part in our survey on the new website.

June 2017

About half of the university’s working groups have migrated their websites. Next, the Student Councils and university groups were invited to present their pages in the new design.

March 2017

The university groups worked hard to switch to the new design.

December 2016

We concluded the year with a template page for our various working groups. Internal training sessions in the departments and the TYPO3 manual made it easier to adapt to the new TYPO3 environment.

October 2016

In time for the start of the new semester 2016/17, the first departments went live with their new websites in the new design. Again: Thank you very much to all those involved. Afterwards, the conception stage began for the University of Konstanz’s roughly 200 working groups.

Summer 2016

A working group comprising all directors of the departmental administration was established to coordinate the relaunch of the working groups’ pages. Together, we developed a uniform and user-friendly web page for use by all university departments.

May 2016

After months of hard work, the University of Konstanz’s central areas went live on 9 May 2016. We would like to thank all those involved for their commitment, creativity and ambition. The new “My University” area was introduced at the same time as the new website. “My University” is a protected, personalised area of the website that all students and employees can use to subscribe to links and news channels to obtain important information fast and in one place.

February 2016

In the context of the “Usability Engineering: Evaluation” course, students in the Department of Computer and Information Science tested various areas of the page: They evaluated how user-friendly the areas teaching, study programmes, Event and Conference Management as well as the Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) are. Suggestions for improvement were discussed and implemented.

At the same time that the central pages were moved to the new design, we started to revise the departmental websites.

October - December 2015

Following the University and Study pages, we updated the Research and Teaching pages. Here, too, various consultations helped us safeguard the user-friendliness of the new pages. In anticipation of the new year, we prepared usability tests for areas of the website scheduled for testing in January. In addition, we discussed the first drafts of the departmental homepages with the departments.

July - September 2015

The project team continued to work with all central offices of the university in order to update all current web structures and content. Additionally, new webpage types and modules were developed. The first training course “Reaching a Web Audience and Introduction to the new TYPO3-Modules” was offered in September.

May and June 2015

The newly developed page types were programmed into TYPO3. Following the concept for the content, we began to update and move existing content to the new TYPO3 environment. We offered the “Reaching a Web Audience” training course on optimising texts and content for the web to all editors working at the University of Konstanz.

March - April 2015

The team was strengthened with two new full-time positions in March and April: an editor and a translator. The web editor created a concept by which the website’s content is to be either revised or generated. Student assistants supported the web editor with the task of revising the pages’ content.

January - February 2015

The implementation phase for the central pages began at the start of the new year. We developed a web design concept guided by an agile project management approach. The concept is based on the new Corporate Design that was published in October 2014. Additionally, the team developed new website structures and created the first new page types in TYPO3.

Conception stage

October - December 2014

The newly developed website structures, including the new wireframes for the various page types, were presented to the University of Konstanz’s faculties and departments. Requests and comments were discussed and/or included in the concept. The Rectorate approved the concept at the end of December. The conception phase was completed.

August 2014

We developed user scenarios for fictitious users, which were integrated into the concept.

July 2014

First ideas for the navigation and user interface were tested by Professor Harald Reiterer during the course “Usability Engineering: Evaluation”.

June 2014

We started to develop a concept for the new website. To be precise, we were able to develop our plans for the website’s new main navigation and structure menus as well as the wire frames by November 2014.

April and May 2014

At the start of our collaboration with the agency 3pc we exchanged important information about, and the requirements for, the project. The agency performed its own analysis in order to examine the current website’s strengths and weaknesses from an outside perspective. In May, two kick-off meetings were held during which we identified the relaunch project’s challenges and defined various user groups’ needs. On the basis of this content, we developed a timeline for the website relaunch process and initiated the conception phase.

Analysis and agency selection

March 2014

The agency 3pc had the most convincing bid and subsequently supported us in the relaunch’s conception, web design and implementation stages.

November - December 2013

We published a call for tenders in order to find a competent agency to partner with us for the website relaunch project.

September - October 2013

Based on the website analysis, we developed a catalogue of requirements which serves as the basis for the project’s implementation.

April - August 2013

The project kicked off with a thorough analysis of the website and a survey of website users chosen from among the University of Konstanz’s employees and students. As a result, we were able to gain an overview of the current website’s strengths and weaknesses as well as insight into users’ requirements and needs.

Survey results (in German, login required)

April 2013

The university-wide project “Website Relaunch” is conceived.