“My University” — your personal, protected website area

Keep yourself updated: “My University” is your personal, protected website area. You can subscribe to several topics and receive information via your individual selection of news channels, have access to helpful collections of links and bookmark pages that you use frequently.

Logging in to “My University”

Please log in by clicking on the “My University” button in the top right corner. As soon as you are logged in, the quick overview window will close and the “My University” icon will change into a bookmark icon. That way, you will see at a glance whether you are logged in and have access to “My University” as well as the password-protected areas of the website.

Clicking on the bookmark icon will re-open the overview page. Clicking on “My University” on the overview page will take you to your “News”, “My links” and “Collections”.

  • Under “News” you will find the latest announcements and/or events from the areas that you selected. When you are viewing the latest announcements or an event calendar on the website, you can subscribe to this information and have it saved to your personal area with just one click.
  • Under “My links” you will find the bookmarks for your frequently used links. Using the quick overview window, you can add any web page of the University of Konstanz to “My links”. In “My University”, you can filter these links, change their order as desired and label them as favourites. If you mouse over the symbols in the tiles with the links, you will be shown what they are for. The five most important links are always displayed in the quick overview window.
  • We have pre-selected collections of links for you under “Collections”. These are thematically ordered links that university staff and students visit frequently. You may add more collections, subscribe to them by adding them to “My links”, and adapt them to your individual needs.

Video about the website and the “My University” area