www.uni-konstanz.de in the new style

It is optimized for mobile devices and its features can be used intuitively and without barriers.

Der Webauftritt der Universität Konstanz ist eine weltweit sichtbare Visitenkarte für unterschiedliche Zielgruppen. Ihm kommt eine hohe Bedeutung in der Wissenschaftskommunikation und im Hochschulmarketing zu.

Um den Webauftritt den Erwartungen seiner Zielgruppen anzupassen, hat die Universität Konstanz das Projekt Website-Relaunch umgesetzt.

The new website should stand out from the crowd with its...

  • uniform appearance,
  • high level of user-friendliness at all levels and
  • comfortable use on all types of devices including smartphones and tablets.

In order to make this happen, we, as a project team, have...

  • increased the clarity of each page,
  • created a modern web design that corresponds to our new corporate design,
  • introduced an intuitive navigation,
  • updated the content,
  • increased the accessibility of our website for users with disabilities,
  • implemented consistent bilingual communication (German/English).

Do you have questions about the relaunch and suggestions for improving the current website?
Please feel free to contact us (details on the right). We look forward to receiving your feedback!