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That people are curious to learn how science makes a difference and what, in return, impacts on science can be observed on a regular basis at the University of Konstanz.

“Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft”

Since its premiere in 2010, the “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft” in Konstanz has attracted a large fan community. Every two years, five organisations display at four locations what science can do: The University of Konstanz, Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG), Mainau Island and the Cultural Centre at the Konstanz Münster with contributions from Konstanz City Council and Thurgau University of Teacher Education (PHTG).

Films introducing the themes of the 4th “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft”:

Participating organisations:

Studium Generale

The Studium Generale lecture series builds a bridge between natural and social sciences as well as arts and humanities. It is intended for students of all subjects, interested local citizens and school pupils.

Watch the lecture recordings on the Studium Generale website.

Grenzgänger Wissenschaft

The latest series of events crosses the borders between different types of universities, countries and between different academic subjects and is organised by the University of Konstanz, Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HWTG) and Thurgau University of Teacher Education (Switzerland). The Grenzgänger Wissenschaft initiative literally passes the border between Germany and Switzerland. Events take place alternately in Konstanz (Germany) and Kreuzlingen (Switzerland):

Schüler-Uni (university for pupils)

Pupils decide themselves to what extent they want to experience the University of Konstanz - for a whole semester (or longer) on a Schülerstudium (studying while in school), just for a short time on a taster programme, or in the framework of special events staged by individual departments, such as the Computer Science Summer Camp, Mathematics Day, Physics Day or an internship.

Kinder-Uni (for children)

“Why does an egg turn white in the frying pan?” Our Kinder-Uni will answer this and similarly tricky everyday questions at the beginning of each winter semester. Naturally, it does not stop at the egg: the kids will learn about the reasons behind a range of well-known phenomena like this.

Other opportunities at the University of Konstanz