Module III

To conclude your certification process you are required to select and document a project from one of the areas named below. The aim of this module is for you to learn the principles and forms of didactic action and to implement them in your daily teaching, counselling and examination activities.

Order of events

The pre-requisite for starting this module is the successful completion of module I. Modules II and III can be taken simultaneously.

During an initial consultation at the beginning of module III, you will discuss your objectives and individual priorities with a university didactics coordinator. We are only able to recognise performance assessments for module III if you have agreed upon them with your coordinator during this initial consultation.

The module encompasses 80 work units (AE). For projects, you will compose a final reflection worth 8 work units in addition to the regular documentation.

 Project options:

  • teaching portfolio including reflection (80 AE)
  • adaptation of a series of courses (72 AE)
  • adaptation of a course session (32 AE)
  • development of a teaching product (40 AE)
  • development of degree structures and curriculum (40 - 72 AE)
  • attendance of additional university didactics events (workshops, meetings)

Please only submit your work online via the “Zertifikat Online” (online certificate) ILIAS course (path: Repository > Services > Higher Education Didactics Office > Zertifikat Online).

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