Module II

The aim of this module is to expand your teaching portfolio and competencies in various university didactics fields of action.

By attending the workshops offered in our university didactics programme or the state-wide programme offered by the HDZ, you fulfil the necessary requirements of 60 work units (AE) for module II. One workshop day amounts to eight work units. The work units for each workshop, which can differ in length, are provided in the workshop description.

In the context of the certificate programme, we focus on seven university didactics areas (TB):

TB 1: Teaching and learning in changing contexts

TB 2: Alternative teaching and learning formats

TB 3: Planning and preparing courses

TB 4: Teaching courses

TB 5: Course evaluations

TB 6: Advising students

TB 7: Examinations

Please note: You must attend workshops from a total of four different areas. The topics of the individual workshops are included in the workshop description.

In addition, you have the opportunity to complete one work unit per event by attending our “Hochschuldidaktik über Mittag” (university didactics over lunch) series of lectures. When attending a workshop, please have the university didactics lecturer confirm your attendance. Attendance lists are available for each event.

Recognition of external university didactics workshops

We recognise university didactics workshops offered by other universities in Baden-Württemberg. Simply hand in a digital copy of your certificate of attendance.

Talk to us if you want certain external university didactics workshops to count towards your certificate.

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