Module I

The aim of this module is for you to learn about the principles of university didactics and to think about your own teaching practice, your role as a teacher and your idea of how students learn. You will further develop your ability to question your own practice to grow as a teacher.

Order of events

“Fit für die Lehre - Hochschuldidaktische Grundlagen” (Fit for teaching - The principles of university didactics)

Both of these workshops are compact offers that will help you kick-start your university didactics training. You will learn about current theories on teaching-learning processes and their didactic-methodological application in concrete situations. You will gain an overview of course planning principles, activating as well as motivating teaching methods and instruments for evaluating learning success. You will find detailed information and can register on the programme pages of the Hochschuldidaktikzentrum Baden-Württemberg.

Peer observation

The peer observation serves to provide you with another perspective on your teaching practices. A colleague gives you constructive feedback on your teaching that you can incorporate into your own development process.

Practical consultation

The two practical consultations offer a moderated platform for you to discuss your questions or concerns with your colleagues. Together, you will work towards finding a solution to your problem and define concrete steps for its practical implementation.


The written reflection serves to shine a light on your development to date, your views on the role of a teacher as well as your ideas about how students learn and to provide you with the chance to reflect on your strengths, weaknesses and goals for further development. Please read our guide on the written reflection in module I (see downloads).

Please hand in all documentation relating to your peer observation and your written reflection online via the “Zertifikat Online” course in ILIAS(path: Repository > Services > Higher Education Didactics Office > Zertifikat Online).