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New Year reception 2023

Here's to a Happy New Year: On 27 January 2023 at 18:00, the University of Konstanz Alumni Association welcomes you to join the annual New Year reception on level K5.

On Friday, 27 January 2023, the University of Konstanz Alumni Association (VEUK e.V.) invites you to join its New Year reception. Alumni, students, teachers, staff and friends of the university meet at this public event, starting at 18:00 on level K5.

At 18:30, Peter Gottwald, chair of VEUK e.V., welcomes the guests and highlights planned projects and activities in the New Year. Afterwards, study and research awards will be presented, before all guests can chat and spend the evening together enjoying food and drinks. Happy New Year!

New Year reception on 27 January 2023

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Award ceremony on 27 January 2023

International VEUK awards and DAAD prize

Each year, VEUK e.V. presents an award recognizing exceptional achievements by international students who graduate from any Konstanz department. Academic excellence as well as personal and social commitment are key selection criteria.

The DAAD prize (German Academic Exchange Service) recognizes extraordinary academic achievements and international students' particular commitment in the areas of society, the university and intercultural exchange. Funding for the DAAD prize is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Dietrich H. Boesken Award

Since 2008, the DIETRICH H. BOESKEN award has been presented each year to the student with the best master’s degree performance. The prize money of 5,000 euros is donated annually by the DIETRICH H. BOESKEN foundation to the University of Konstanz Society (UGK e.V.)

Schmieder Foundation Award

Since 2006, the Schmieder Foundation Award honours exceptional academic theses in the field of neurological rehabilitation. A total of 3,000 euros is awarded each year to one or more recipients by the foundation Stiftung Schmieder für Wissenschaft und Forschung Allensbach.

Transfer Award

With the 2022 Transfer Award, the University of Konstanz Society (UGK e.V.) and the University of Konstanz recognize a project that successfully connects science and society.