Funding for student projects

Do you have a fantastic idea for a campus project but are in need of financial support? Do you want to organise an event for students and alumni but can’t cover the costs on your own?

As a non-profit organisation, the University of Konstanz Alumni Association (VEUK e.V.) supports networking opportunities for students and alumni and promotes research and teaching at the University of Konstanz. Providing financial support for student projects is an important part of what we do.

What kinds of events do we fund?

We support proposals and activities of any kind, as long as they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • provide networking opportunities for students, lecturers and alumni that help to intensify their relationship with the University of Konstanz,
  • organise academic events as well as advanced and continuing education programmes,
  • assist initiatives for improving study conditions,
  • support university sports,
  • provide non-material and financial support for research and teaching,
  • promote knowledge transfer.

We cannot provide funding for printing costs, food/drinks and travel expenses incurred by researchers or University of Konstanz employees.

What should my funding application look like?

You are welcome to apply for funding if you’re an alumni or current member of the university. An informal, written application including a financial plan and short description of your project will suffice.

The VEUK board will then evaluate your funding application.

Which deadlines do I have to consider?

Simple project proposals (up to a sum of 1000 euros) should be submitted one month ahead of the start of the project. More complex project proposals (sums of 1000 euros and more) require more time to prepare due to the internal processes of coordination and planning and should therefore be submitted two months ahead of the start of the project. 

What would a partnership look like?

We would be delighted if, in return for any financial support that you receive, you could help us with increasing the visibility of VEUK on campus. There are various ways of doing this, but you should at the very least ensure that our logo and name are printed on flyers, posters and other publications. Additionally, it would be great if you could mention us on any social media platforms that you use, in articles and at events. We would also be very pleased if you could distribute the VEUK flyer at your event.

We report on current funding projects on our website and would be grateful to you if you could submit a short article on your event.

We can discuss the details once we’ve received your application. Hence the following tip: Make sure to submit your funding application early, e.g. before you have any flyers and posters printed.

It’s great that we can count on VEUK as a reliable partner, especially since, first and foremost, the campus festival is a celebration for Konstanz students.
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