Empowerment workshop for LGBTQIA+ doctoral researchers and postdocs

Date:  21.07.2023 // 01pm - 05pm
Place: Online via Zoom

Being LGBTQIA+ and/or being perceived as LGBTQIA+ in the workspace is not always an easy task to manage. At the University or Research Institute it can even be expected (indirectly or directly) to hide our experiences and identities. This may be in line with what we personally want but it can also still be especially challenging. No matter if we are „out“ or not, being a LGBTQIA+ person fostering an academic career has its obstacles.
In this training we want to share and connect around our LGBTQIA+ experiences. In a non-judgemental and confidential space we will talk about our experiences in the academic setting.
We will explore different ressources and strategies together. By collecting ideas how to stay true to ourselves and articulate what we need, we explore ways to thrive as LGBTQIA+ scientists.

Trainer: Né Fink works as a trainer in the field of Gender Diversity. Né has a Master in Gender and Ethnicity and is a systemic counsellor with a focus on topics like diversity and empowerment.
Né is a queer, non binary trans person and enjoys to bring people with plural experiences together in safe settings. They facilitate their trainings with personal and community based expierences and acquired knowledges.
If you have needs or questions that need to be adressed before the workshop , please don’t hesitate to contact me: info@ne fink.de


Registration Deadline: 19.07.2023