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The focus of the symposium is computational methods for the modelling, analysis and exploration of all aspects of life sciences, ranging from effects on the molecular level to complex interactions networks.

Of prime importance for this truly interdisciplinary event will be the integration of the three disciplines Computer Science, Biology, and Chemistry. The program will consist of contributed presentations regarding applicational aspects as well as new theoretical developments.

In addition, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the symposium the program will feature not only plenary speakers but also a series of short tutorials introducing relevant areas of the specific research fields to the audience from the respective other fields such as drug discovery, chemical similarity searching, receptor site docking, protein structure prediction, data mining, machine learning, to name a few.

Submissions will be reviewed by representatives of all fields to make sure that not only the algorithmic aspects are suited for publication but the application to life science is promising as well.

Submissions are sought in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Molecular data analysis
  • Systems biology
  • Analysis of heterogenous information sources
  • Human Computer Interaction in Information Mining
  • Computational proteomics
  • Integrative data analysis
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Data mining
  • Molecular simulation
  • Biological networks / Metabolism
  • Molecular informatics
  • Data pipelining
  • Data visualization
  • Large scale chemical computation
  • Data integration/semantics
  • Grid/web services
  • Computer architectures in life sciences

This year's theme is "Crossing borders: computational life science", we therefore especially welcome submissions that address the potential of interdisciplinary work or successes of such collaborations.

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