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Fostering Moral Competence
Discussion Theater / KMDD

July 20 - 23, 2019, in Vilnius, Lithuania

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We all desire to be good, but we all fail to be as good as we desire because we lack moral competence, that is, the ability to solve problems and conflicts on the basis of moral principles through thinking and discussion. Therefore, we often use violence and deceit to solve problems, or we submit to the authority of other people. Thus, the more citizens lack moral competence, the more a "strong state" is needed in order to control them.

As research shows, the lack of moral competence is caused by a lack of opportunities to apply and train this competence in our families, schools, universities and workplaces.

Therefore, we have developed a method for fostering moral competence: The Konstanz Method of Dilemma-Discussion (KMDD)®, also known as Discussion Theater "Speaking & Listening" (DT). KMDD and DT are very effective, though they cost little time and money, nor do they require a reduction of the curriculum or a change of "the system" (Hemmerling 2014; Lind 2002; 2019).

However, KMDD and DT are effective only if they are applied by well-trained and certified KMDD-Teachers. Moral dilemma discussions trigger emotions which need to be handled properly. Without training, both methods may be fun for the participants but do not increase their moral-democratic competence.

On completion of the workshop, participants get a KMDD-Trainee certificate. In order to protect the participants' investment of time and money into their training the KMDD® is registered in many countries (e.g. EU, China, Switzerland, Turkey) as an international trade mark. With this certificate, participants are eligible to enroll in the training program to obtain a KMDD-Teacher certificate.

Participants should have some experience with teaching, education, or theater playing. Students in the fields of psychology and education are also welcome.

Workshop teacher  

apl. Prof. em. Dr. Georg Lind, creator of KMDD and DT.



  • Deadline for registration: May 1, 2020. The workshop will only take place if at least 14 participants have registered and paid their fees by the deadline. If the workshop will take place, late birds can still inquire about spare spaces.

  • We will confirm your registration until May 15, 2020.

  • Workshop: July, 20 - 23, 2020. Monday (9.00 sharp) through Thursday, daily 9.00 - 17.00, on Thursday until 12.00 p.m.
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The fee is 500,00 Euro. After you registration you will get the bank account where to transfer the money after your application. Reduction is available on request.

Participation in the subsequent Symposium "Moral Competence: Its Nature, Relevance, and Teachability" is recommended.

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Book your accommodation in Vilnius as early as possible. More information will be provided here.






References on the Konstanz Method of Dilemma-Discussion (KMDD)®

Reports on various fields of application of the KMDD (partly in German)

Opinions of KMDD course participants (partly in German)

Media reports on the KMDD (partly in German)

Lind, G. (2019). How to teach moral competence. New: Discussion Theater. Berlin: Logos. (2nd extended edition). ... more

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® "KMDD - Konstanzer Methode der Dilemma-Diskussion" is an internationally registered mark in Germany, and the European Union, Switzerland, Turkey, China, Colombia etc..