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This visualization shows you the DONE framework and data. On the first tab, you will see the structure and categories of the framework, as well as a set of filters you can use to view only the categories relevant to a specific subgroup of the population. Using these filters, you can also choose to view only the categories at a specific level (e.g. only individual-level categories; only psychological categories).

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You can then get more details on specific levels or categories within the framework by clicking on them (control-click will allow you to select more than one level or category at the same time). This will automatically take you to the second tab, which will show you the exact determinants within the level or category that you selected. The scatterplot shows the ranking of each determinant on our three scoring dimensions (modifiability, relationship strength, and population-level effect), while the list provides an alphabetical overview of the determinants with their overall priority score (which is a combination of the three dimensions).

By clicking on the ‘framework overview’ tab (top-left corner), you can go back to the first tab and make a new selection.

Disclaimer: the visualizations are best viewed on a larger screen.

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Please note:

Determinants shown for the main age group ‘children’ also apply for the subgroups ‘infants’ and ‘school-aged children’. Determinants shown for these subgroups only apply to infants / school-aged children, on top of the determinants shown for children generally.

Similarly, determinants shown for the main age group ‘adults’ also apply for the subgroup ‘elderly’. Determinants shown for this subgroup only apply to the elderly, on top of the determinants shown for adults generally.

All determinants are deemed relevant for ethnic minorities. Determinants shown when filtering ‘ethnic minorities only' only apply to ethnic minorities, on top of the determinants shown for the general population.”

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