University of Konstanz
Chair for Software Engineering
Prof. Dr. Stefan Leue

Seminar: Software Engineering



Bachelor students

Contents / Syllabus

This seminar is an introduction to some key software engineering concepts. It covers topics like
and others.


  1. Specifying Software Requirements for Complex Systems: New Techniques and Their Application (Kathryn L. Heninger)
  2. On the Criteria to be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules (D. L. Parnas).
  3. On the Design and Development of Program Families (David L. Parnas).
  4. Designing Software for Ease of Extension and Contraction (David L. Parnas).
  5. A Rational Design Process: How and Why to Fake It (David Lorge Parnas, Paul C. Clements).
  6. Software Aspects of Strategic Defense Systems (David Lorge Parnas).
  7. Software Aging (David Lorge Parnas).


SWS: 2
ECTS-points: 4