University of Konstanz
Chair for Software Engineering
Prof. Dr. Stefan Leue

Seminar: Certification and Dependability Analysis of Safety-Critical Systems




Master students

Subject Area

Informatik der Systeme / Angewandte Informatik


SWS: 2
ECTS-points: 4

Contents / Syllabus  

Certification as well as dependability analysis of safety-critical software systems are means to ensure the safety of the software. In the seminar we will have a look on different ways to certificate software systems and their development process and we will look on techniques for the dependability analysis of safety-critical systems.

A list of topics and references will be announced in the introductory meeting.

Please send an email with your selected topic to: Florian Leitner-Fischer



Topic 1: On the Role of Formal Methods in Software Certification

On the Role of Formal Methods in Software Certification: An Experience Report - Constance L. Heitmeyer

Topic 2: Object Oriented Technology in Aviation

Object Oriented Technology in Aviation (OOTiA) Handbook

Object-Oriented Technology (OOT) In Civil Aviation Projects: Certification Concerns - Leanna Rierson

Topic 3: Software Capability Maturity Model and Certification

Using the Software Capability Maturity Model for Certification Projects - Leanna Rierson

Topic 4: Certification of a Space System

A Framework for the Software Aspects of the Safety Certification of a Space System - Cleland, G. L., Blanquart, J. P., Carranza, J. M., Froome, P. K. D., Jones, C. C. M., and Muller, J. F.

Dependability Analysis

Topic 5: Probabilistic Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Probabilistic Model-Checking Support for FMEA - Grunske L., Winter K., and Colvin R.

Topic 6: Fault Tree Analysis

Fault Tree Handbook (NUREG-0492)

Topic 7: Architectural Dependability Analysis

Architectural dependability evaluation with Arcade. - Boudali H., Crouzen P., Haverkort B.R., Kuntz M. and Stoelinga M.

Topic 8: Software Development & Dependability

A Survey of Software Development Approaches Addressing Dependability. - Mustafiz S. and Kienzle J.