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University of Konstanz
University of Konstanz
Chair for Software Engineering


Student Assistant

The Chair for Software Engineering is currently looking for talented student assistants to be involved in our ongoing research projects. We welcome any of you, who is interested, to contact us for a chance to participate in our research life.

We are currently carrying out two major research projects: IMCOS and DiRePro.

Our research mainly concentrates on the design and analysis of complex software systems. Softwares are complicated artifacts with very limited automated support. The traditional way of constructing software systems is error-prone, and produces softwares with countless bugs, a large number of which can never be dug out by just manual inspection or testing. This problem is more and more seriously considered both by the academia and the industry. New frameworks, like Model-Driven Architecture, have been developed to help enhance the quality of softwares, together with rigorous proofs of software correctness. We are aiming at model-centered software development and inexpensive formal (rigorous, mathematical way) analysis of software systems. Some adventure into this area would greatly benefit your future career no matter whether you want to engage yourself in academic or industrial lives.

We do impose some requirements to guarantee your success of working on our research field. Good programming skills certainly help. And it would be even better if you have already comprehensive mathematical knowledge.
We would appreciate more if you are knowledgeable of compiling systems, though this is not of very importance.

Once you have interest, feel free to contact us: