Department of Philosophy

Personal Details

Professor Emeritus for History and Philosophy of Science, with Particular Reference to the Exact Sciences.

Director of the Philosophical Archive.
Member of the National Academy of Sciences - Leopoldina and the Academia Europea

Areas of Teaching and Research

Philosophy of Science, in particular the Philosophy of Biology, Elementary Logic and Critical Thinking, History of Philosophy, in particular scientific philosophy in Classical Antiquity, Science and Religion.

General Theory of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy under National Socialism, History of Science, Science and Religion.


Recent Publications

  • "Aufklärung und Religion", in: Pierre Buser/Claude Debru/Philippe Meyer (eds.): Les Lumieres: hier, aujourd´hui, demain - Science e societè. [...] Colloque interacadémique franco-allemand [...], Paris: Hermann Èditeurs, 2013, pp. 219–238
  • "Vatikanischer Niedergang: meta-epistemologische Überlegungen zum Fall Galilei", in: Roberta Lanfredini/Alberto Peruzzi, A Plea for Balance in
    Philosophy. Essays in Honour of Paolo Parrini, Pisa (ETS) 2013, 35–48
  • "Is There a European Philosophy of Science? – A Wake-Up Call", in: Friedrich Stadler/Maria Carla Galavotti (eds.), Philosophy of Science in Europe – European Philosophy of Science and the Viennese Heritage, Dordrecht/Heidelberg (Springer) 2013, 277–293
  • "The Silence of the Wolves, or, Why it Took the Holy Inquisition Seventy-Three Years to Ban Copernicanism", in: Claus Zittel/Thomas Rahn/Wolfgang Neuber (eds.), Copernicus and His International Reception, Leiden (Brill) 2015 (“Intersections. Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture”), 42–63 (pdf availabel from me).
  • "European Humanities in Times of Globalized Parochialism", Bollettino della Società Filosofica Italiana No. 208 (2013), 3–18

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