Franz Huber

Franz Huber
Director of the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group Formal Epistemology


Office: Y 220
Phone: ++ 49-7531-88-5259
Fax: ++49-7531-88-5286
E-mail: franz DOT huber AT uni-konstanz DOT de


Former Member



Corina Strößner
Research Fellow 01/2012-10/2013


Since 10/2013: Member of the department of philosophy at the University of Konstanz (chair for philosophy and philosophy of science)

Benjamin Bewersdorf

Benjamin Bewersdorf
Doctoral Research Fellow 01/2009-12/2012
PhD thesis: Belief and Its Revision


Since 09/2013: Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Groningen

Katharina Felka
Student Assistent 05/2009-09/2009
Master thesis: Vagheit und Glaubensgrade


Since 06/2011: Doctoral Reseach Fellow at the University of Hamburg, in the research group: Nomalizations. Philosophical and Linguistic Perspectives, led by Prof. Dr. Benjamin Schnieder

Peter Fritz
Undergraduate Research Fellow 09/2008-02/2009
Bachelor thesis: Belief Revision in Dynamic Epistemic Logic and Ranking Theory


Since 10/2011: PhD Student, University of Oxford

Alexandra Zinke
Student Assistent 01/2008-09/2008
Master thesis: Degrees of Belief and Belief


Since 04/2010: PhD Student, University of Konstanz
PhD thesis: The Concept of Logical Consequence
Grant of the German National Research Foundation