Fachbereich Philosophie


Carlos Eduardo B. de Sousa
Ph. D. Student
Konstanz Universität, Germany
Fachbereich Philosophie
D-78457 Konstanz

E-Mail: carlos.batista-de-sousa(at)uni-konstanz.de


Studies of Journalism at the Integrated School H?lio Alonso (Faculdades Integradas H?lio Alonso - FACHA), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Studies of Philosophy at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ) Brazil
Monograph about Wittgenstein´s concept of Language-Game  

Master in Philosophy at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil
Dissertation about Wittgenstein´s Rule-Following Problem

Since 2005 Ph.D Student at the Universität Konstanz.

Focus of Research

  1. Philosophy of Mind
  2. Philosophy of Biology
  3. Cognitive Science


Founding Member and Editor in chief of the journal Abstracta     (http://www.abstracta.pro.br/english/Default.asp)

Current Research Project

Qualia: The Unsolved Question
My research project focuses on the problem of  Qualia in the context of Cognitive Science. The current debate about Qualia is cutting-edge. Qualia is hotly debated in Philosophy of Mind.  Understanding the role of Qualia is central to a proper understanding of the nature of Consciousness. Some say the Qualia problem is vexing for physicalism. I don´t think so. Currently, Qualia are characterized as qualitative properties of the conscious experience, i.e., the subjective aspect of the experience, for example, the taste and the redness of an apple. Colours, pains, itching, sounds, etc. are also considered Qualia. However this is not enough. So in fact, what are Qualia? That is the question! The very definitions are not unified. The controversy is: how Qualia relate to the physical world? I try to answer this question in my PhD-Thesis by giving a naturalistic explanation based on the Evolutionary Theory and Cognitive Sciences. I work with the hypothesis that Qualia can be emergent properties caused by the processing of information in the neural network in the brain. They would be product of interaction between organism and environment.