workshop on structure building

Konstanz, 13-14 April 2012

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To help us plan the event, please let us know if you would like to come to the workshop and/or the warming-up party and/or the conference dinner. Thanks!

Topic of the workshop:

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working on issues in syntactic structure building, discuss new ideas about the building up of syntactic structures, and to gain a broader empirical base relevant to the issue. Among the topics discussed are the following:

  • Locality effects, anti-locality effects

  • alternatives / optionalities in syntax

  • core grammar vs. peripheral principles in structure building

  • How can an explanatory overlap between relative and absolute locality be avoided?

  • Can relative locality be derived as a direct consequence of syntactic structure building? (If so, how?)

Invited speakers:

Klaus Abels, David Adger, Gereon Müller, Halldor Sigurdsson


Senatssaal (V1001). There are signs from the main entrance / bus stop (lines 9A, 9B) to the workshop venue.

Workshop organizer: Antje Lahne