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The study group "Frontiers of Quantum Theory" within "Die Junge Akademie" organizes a workshop on "Quantum Coherence and Entanglement on Macroscopic Scales" in Tenerife from May 6th until May 8th 2010.

The workshop will take place on the island of Tenerife since we will be visiting one of the most impressive experiments on quantum entanglement over 144 km between La Palma and Tenerife, which will be operational during the time of the workshop. Furthermore we will also visit one of the large telescopes situated on the island and learn about modern measurement techniques to answer fundamental questions of cosmology.

The event is planed complementary to and subsequent to the very successful workshop "Grenzen der Quantentheorie – Zufall und Realität“, which took place in Berlin in 2008. In contrast to that workshop for members of the Junge Akademie and established speakers the focus is now also on junior scientists.

The speakers come from various areas of physics, mathematics and philosophy, but all of them investigate the basic mechanisms or interpretations of quantum coherence.

This interdisciplinary workshop focuses on the current topic of entanglement on macroscopic scales, which plays a central role in many areas of modern physics, such as quantum optics, ultra-cold quantum gases in optical lattices, quantum-information processing in nanostructures, but also in cosmology.

The list of speakers includes (Talks and pictures are password-protected)

-Nick Mavromatos (King’s College, London) Talk
-Henning Moritz (ETH Zürich) Talk
-Daniel Loss (Universität Basel) Talk
-Rupert Ursin (Institut für Quantenoptik und Quanteninformation, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften) Talk
-Pieter Kok (University of Sheffield) Talk
-Alexei Grinbaum (CEA, Paris) Talk
-Andreas Wallraff (ETH Zürich) Talk
-Michael Wolf (Kopenhagen) Talk
-Philipp Treutlein (Basel) Talk
-Philip Walther (Universität Wien) Talk

In addition to the visit of the experiments there will be ten talks during the three days. There will be also a round table discussion to foster in particular the interaction between researchers of different disciplines.