University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Colloquium of the Department and the PhD Program


An approach to resilience in the future Internet


Dr. James Sterbenz, University of Kansas, USA
Kansas, USA

date & place

Friday, 09.02.2007, 10:15 h
Room C252


This presentation briefly describes past weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and failures in the network infrastructure (Internet, PSTN, and SCADA) and motivates the need for resilient networks. The disciplines of fault-tolerance, dependability, and survivability provide the background for an architectural framework that starts from first principles: a systemic and systematic approach to resilience. We call the resilience strategy (D^2)(R^2)DR: defend, detect, remediate, recover, diagnose, and refine. This strategy is supported by a set of resilience principles (such as redundancy and diversity) that are realised by a set of mechanisms. A few selected research problems are presented with potential approaches, including a state-space approach to modelling measuring resilience.