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Computer and Information Science

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Visualisierung von Navigationsinformationen auf mobilen Endgeräten


Hendrik Ziezold, University Konstanz
Konstanz, Germany

date & place

Wednesday, 18.06.2008, 17:45 h
Room C252


Map users usually look at the map to read out information for operations in space. Concentrating on navigational operations, we differentiate between three basic operations [1]: Furthermore, we define a map as a \representation of spatial relations". Then, for a specific use case a map should be optimized to display the required spatial relations sufficiently: Implementing maps on mobile devices can offer several extensions to the design of maps, for example the incorporation of several levels of detail, layouts, resolutions, etc. On location-sensitive devices the map can even be dynamically adapted according to the user's current position. By map animation the combination of different map layouts into one compound map becomes possible. However, one major constraint on map design for mobile devices is the small display size. To overcome this disadvantage and to utilize the advantages of dynamic maps this dissertation project addresses the development of new focus&context techniques.