University of Konstanz
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Computer and Information Science

Guest Talks


Intelligent Systems for Passive Target Tracking


Dr. Daniel Clarke, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Porton Down, Salisbury, UK

date & place

Thursday, 05.04.2012, 11:00 h
Room Z 613


Operations in both the civilian and military domains rely on a variety of passive sensors to monitor the electromagnetic environment and geographically identify the spectral and geographical properties of emitters. The integration of these sensor systems enables real time sharing and cross-cueing of measurements significantly reduces collection time and enables greater accuracy over traditional systems. However, the integration of low capability sensors systems eliminates any strength of correlation between the measurements they produce, particularly in the presence of multiple, similar emitters and traditional algorithms struggle to produce accurate results. In this talk, we describe the problem in greater detail and describe the application of biologically inspired algorithms such as particle swarms and artificial neural networks to help to solve the signal registration and subsequent tracking problem.