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Computer and Information Science

Guest Talks


UML 2.0 state machines: ambiguities and complete formal semantics


Dr. Harald Fecher, University of Kiel
Kiel, Germany

date & place

Thursday, 07.12.2006, 14:00 h
Room C252


UML has become the standard modeling language for object-oriented systems. The informal description of UML and its continuous extension cause many ambiguities. Therefore, a formal semantics for UML is necessary, especially for formal reasoning and tool development. The talk presents some crucial ambiguities, as well as a sketch of a formal semantics of UML 2.0 state machines, which are used for modeling the reactive behavior of objects. The formal semantics is obtained by (i) deriving core state machines with fewer design features and a precise syntax, (ii) developing a formal semantics for core state machines, and (iii) presenting a complete transformation from UML 2.0 state machines to core state machines. Such a transformational approach provides the opportunity of easy adaption to future changes of the semantics of UML statemachines.